At Natrocine we design our products to support the natural healing power of the body thus allowing the body to heal itself.

A number of problems have been found in the wake of new biological discoveries and molecular development as to the benefit of mankind. It was initially thought that we could manipulate life with the production of seemingly any new molecules, the one more potent than the other. Synthesised chemical molecules generally used in conventional medicines impact on the ecological environment by causing deviation from normal biological and immune response processes. Natrocine was formed with the specific product objective to provide compositions that will alleviate problems associated with the operation of the immune system and the body’s other defence and healing mechanisms.

We believe we are on the right track with our approach to natural solutions that were developed using a combination of advanced medical knowledge in allerology, haematology, immunology and bio kinetics. The name Natrocine has been derived from Natural, Organic, Medicine and Science. We hope to use all these approaches and provide our children with a healthier world.

Natrocine’s core values are based on the following principles:

  • We design our products to support the natural healing power of the body thus allowing the body to heal itself
  • We develop our products to counteract the negative impact of modern medicines such as antibiotics and chemotherapy
  • We believe nature provides the key to unlock most medical problems.
  • Natrocine supports a holistic approach to treating illnesses and diseases.  The first step in any health improvement is to remove the problem.  Whereas it is not so easy to remove cancer or any other serious illness, it does not alleviate the ill person’s responsibility to ensure that the food consumed is healthy and that the environment in which we operate supports good health.
  • Our products are made up of only the highest quality mineral and organic substances that offer an alternative to antibiotics and support the body’s natural ability to heal.


All our products are made of only the finest pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are all found in nature and the molecules have been unaltered.  We take it on ourselves to bring it to you in the correct dosage, in the correct quality and in the correct combinations.

Biologically, Natrocine products help the body to replace old worn cells with new ones. When all the raw materials needed to produce cell building are available, our natural cellular system is a very efficient process; but when there are deficiencies, the new cells may be weak, rigid or deformed. Natrocine uses naturally occurring nutrient technology that is easily absorbed and utilised by the human body to ensure  vital functionality of organs and body systems and the production of natural energy.  Typically, our biological technology acts as an anti-oxidant that helps to clean the blood stream and flushes out toxins trapped in our cells – whilst acting as a foreign protein and a free radical scavenger. This healthy cell renewal typically also shows both internal and external benefits.

Immunologically,  Natrocine products actively stimulate the T-helper (Th) cell function which secondarily activates Natural Killer (Nk) cells as well as Cytotoxic (Tc) cell functionality to enhance intracellular phagocytises and liposomal respiratory burst activity to ensure elimination of  dormant pathogens in macrophage cells. This is measurable by determining the amount of Erythroblast, T-cells, B-cells, plasma cells, immune modulation as well as red blood cell formation before and after treatment – a direct indicator of Th2 cell function and of secondary Interleukin 2 (IL2) production.

The end result is an activated immune system, added to this is an increase in the stimulation of T-helper functionality, an activation of B-cell response with increased antibody production, as well as the stimulation of red blood cell production through IL2 as affected by Th cells.


Our products can be divided into three ranges:
Immonological, Fundamentals, Medicinal Tisanes.



  • Health Assist
  • Revive
  • Extreme



  • Detoxing Infusion
  • Insomnia Infusion
  • Laxative Infusion
  • Weight-Loss Infusion



  • Chlorella
  • Humate
  • Rooibos


Our Immunological products are formed with the specific product objective to provide compositions that will alleviate problems associated with the operation of the immune system and the body’s other defense and healing mechanisms.

Natrocine Extreme

Natrocine Health Assist

Natrocine Revive


Our Medicinal Tisanes are herbal medicines that derive from the pristine Karoo Country side. The natural healing powers of these ancient plants have been formulated to address specific medical conditions. These formulations have also been registered with the medicine’s control council. Adding to its credibility as a medicine and not just a healthy tea.






Our Fundamentals products have been specifically formulated to activate the natural healing powers of the  ingredients.





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